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August 25, 2009



I'm taking lunch in for a co-worker and me to share tomorrow. Yum.

Dawn T

Hi and thanks for a chance to win some goodies. This weekend I am having my friends's 12 year come round and am helping her make some gifts to take on her school trip to Japan in Oct. She wants to take some handmade things so I said she can come and use my stash... I can imagine the fun we'll have


Well, last weekend I held my very first Stamp A Stack and made 200 Christmas cards to send to Cards For Heroes. My goal is to send 1000 before November 1st. Thanks for letting me share that with everyone!!


I'm making cards to take to the local healthcare center where people go to recover from surgeries. I've found out that many who go there NEVER have a visitor, and I thought this might help cheer them up and speed their recovery! I did this last Valentine's Day and the nurses said everyone stayed cheerful for days! (including me!)

cindy ziliak

Hello from Evansville! Hope you enjoy our city on your visit. I'll have to check that potatoe salad out next time I go to Maxine's. I have a friend who teaches learning disabled children and we are planning a card making blitz and the kids sell the cards to support their activities. I will provide all the supplies and instructions. I just know they will love the magic of stamping!


A little get-together for a friend who is in need. She will be surprised!

marla H.

Well I do RAK just about every week. I am constantly sending little scrapbooking goodies to a dear friend of mine in Canada who doesnt have the stores we do or the supplies.


My father just passed away and I spending time with my mother to help her with things.

Diana Enns

I would split this wonderful box and add to it for a great friend of mine that has been going through some health issues.

Elena Chamberlain

What a wonderful way to do a give-away. Paying it forward..Taking dinner to a friend who is very ill. And my hubby and I are participating in giving away free bottles of water at a festival in our town.


Oh, I so need to clean my craft area. I am drowning in scraps! My RAK the next couple of weeks: send a card to the elderly sister of my neighbor who died in late March. She is really missing her younger sister.

Have fun on your trip!

Karen Z

I am making 4 cards with goodies for my friends who are teachers.

Cat Spicer

My favorite RAK is to pay for the car behind me in the drive through. I usually do this at the coffee shop and it perks me up as much as I hope it does the recipient! I will do so again on Saturday when I travel. THANKS for the reminder to spread a little joy in the world.


WOW this is so sweet of you.. Thank you for the chance to win.. I am 29 and have 2 young children..I have both my parents living with me.. my father has the early stages of Alzhimers and I help take care of them everyday.. but there is an older lady friend who lives up the street from me, she just found out her husband has cancer and it has spread throughout his whole body, so I am planning on picking some fresh veggies from my garden and taking them up to her, with a sweet card, and some homemade bread.. thanks for the reminder.. :) I hope you have a wonderful time at your dad's birthday..

Elaine Moore

Our Church's Altar Society puts on a big fund raiser once a year and I'm making a big stack of cards and mini-albums. Being disabled, I can't participate in the normal activities of our A.S., but this gives me a chance to feel I've helped a little. Elaine Moore mtn.moven.faith@comcast.net


I'm making RAKs for all the teachers who are returning to my school next week. I thought it would be a cheerful way to start the new school year. :)

I'm also taking out a former kindergarten student of mine who just turned 16 last week. I try to spend time with her every couple of months as I sort of took on the role of "big sister" to her when she was in Grade One.

Jamie S.

oohh RAKs like this are fun. I am going to be taking someone cookies on her birthday here in a couple days.


I have a group of friends (10) who meet each month, we pitch in $10.00 each and then one of us does a RAK with the money. Have helped a single mother with gas gift certificate, bought back to school clothes for a family whose home burned, etc. We always do it as annonymously as possible.


Friday I am picking up my mom and after I take her to her eye appointment I will take her to lunch and Walmart (she loves Walmart but will not drive there!)


Wow some of your goodies...I hope that comes with some of your awesome MOJO too! I'm getting together with some friends and family and planning on making some fun stuff for my niece's wedding. We have such a good time. Thanks so much for a chance.


I'm creating cards for the shut-ins at our church, and we have a bunch.Last week, I helped to set up the big rummage sale and then worked at it with the team for 3 days. We sent all the leftovers to the Salvation Army and hauled 10 cartons to the library for the book sale.

Tamra in Denver

I just gave blood, does that count? I'm feeling a little woozy...


Hi Stef - I think RAKs are great, and I really like to keep them random. I love doing things for friends, but for a 'Random' Act of Kindness, I always like to do something for a complete stranger, with no expectation of having the kindness returned. My favorite thing to do is to pay an amount of money towards the grocery bill of a young mother at the supermarket - especially if I hear her tell her children that she is unable to afford to buy everything on her list. I usually do this each week.
Hugs, Anne

Nancy S (momsnack)

Our small town public library is in the middle of a remodel, so the budget is very tight - I'm collecting paper, stamps, etc. and any crafting supplies for the Children's Library programs.

kathy s

Last week I made some special hot chocolate powder mix and put it in jars to give to four of my girlfriends as a RAK. For the next few weeks I will be looking after my husband who is at the moment in Hospital 'cause he had a heart attack on Monday morning- they think he should be allowed home by the weekend but will be off work fo several weeks yet so I will probably be doing lots of little RAKs to keep him happy and comfy - or aren't they RAKs just duty. I will also be doing some things for my friends who are supporting me at this time- not sure what yet -maybe just taking them out to lunch.

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