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August 17, 2008



oh my this list is scary.-anything on this list that I have tried has been home made (so all animal things are out the door) and I have never had a Krispy Cream Doughnut even tho they are right down the street from my bank (and closing I hear along with the Starbucks next door-another place I haven't tried). I may be out of the mainstream but my adventures lie with unusualy fruits and vegetables and my home made faux meats-tofu and gluten are my friends.


Is it sad that all the things I've had on that list are junk food; big macs, smores, donuts, carob... LOL! Theres alot of things I've never even heard of.

Mrs. L

In addition to food blogs, I enjoy reading crafting blogs...and I so enjoy yours :)
Totally loving reading everyones Omnivore 100 lists!

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